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New Facilities Directors

Longtime community center and theater manager Jeff Norris has retired from his position as facilities director. Of course, neighbors and clients are still welcome to drop by his shop, Norris the Tailor, for custom tailoring and alterations.

New facilities directors started managing the community center and theater earlier this month.

Avery Richards is the new facilities director for the Bandon Community Center.

Avery spent most of her youth in Bandon. She has worked with a number of local businesses, including organizing events with the Bandon Chamber of Commerce. She and her husband, Danny Simons, have also traveled the state, serving as hosts in parks around Oregon.

Avery and Danny signed on as city park hosts for the City of Bandon in February 2022. And, when Jeff Norris announced his plan to retire from his community center management role, city staff invited Avery to consider the job. Avery enjoys assignments that allow her to work with the community and help make Bandon a great place to live and explore.

Check out Avery’s new community center Facebook page for event and program reminders at

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Chip Cassin is the new facilities director for the Sprague Community Theater.

A native east coaster, Chip spent more than 20 years consulting with Fortune 500 ranked technology corporations, as a software engineer, in addition to managing various global projects.

Chip discovered Bandon on a cycling tour down the Pacific coast in 2017. He found Bandon the prettiest town on his ride, a place where people still smile and say hello to each other.

Jeff Norris recruited Chip to help install the theater’s new projection system in 2019. And Chip then volunteered his time assisting with movie nights and other theater events. Chip looks forward to following in Jeff’s solid footsteps in making sure the Sprague continues to hold a positive and integrated place in the community.

Find contact information for Avery and Chip on our Contact page.

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Native Trees Mural in Bandon City Park

Resident artist Vicki Affatati designed a new a mural for the north wall of the public restroom in the park. The work celebrates trees native to the Southern Oregon Coast, depicting shore pine, grand fir, Sitka spruce, Port Orford cedar, Douglas fir, Western red cedar and hemlock.

In recent months, Bandon City Park has been replanted with a variety of native trees. Tree planting efforts are designed to replace trees lost to storms and aging. Along with the city parks department and Friends of Bandon Parks, the work is supported by local sponsors and volunteers.

For more information on supporting local parks, contact

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