Expanded Vaccine Eligibility

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Coast Community Health Center Can Now Vaccinate All Adult Residents, Regardless of County Regulations

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Coast Community Health Center has been able to access expanded vaccination guidelines. As of last week, Coast CHC has been able to vaccinate anyone over the age of 18. The Human Resources and Service Administration and Centers for Disease Control were instrumental in expanding the guidance to all HRSA supported sites. HRSA supports health equity by supporting 1385 health centers nationally.

Coast CHC’s Chief Medical Officer Ann Kellogg said, “We are excited to open up our vaccine clinics and grateful for the ability to do so,” after receiving the new guidance last week.

Over the past two months, Coast CHC has prioritized COVID vaccination with regular vaccine clinics in Bandon and Port Orford. Each week in March, Coast has given out 200-400 Moderna vaccines. Coast CHC has not yet received any Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer vaccines.

“The effort has been monumental both in terms of staff time and efforts. Our staff has been highly dedicated, and we are grateful for our colleagues at the Bandon Community Center and Port Orford Christian Center’s generous support,” said Amanda Saunders, clinical site manager for the health center’s Bandon clinic.

Receiving a COVID vaccination will help our community to obtain herd immunity; however, your medical care is your choice, and Coast CHC understands you may have concerns about the vaccine. Coast CHC encourages our community to get information about the vaccine from quality sources such as the CDC, Oregon Health Authority, and World Health Organization.

Upon expanding eligibility, Coast CHC increased the number of vaccination clinics available to residents.

Pre-registration is required. To sign up for a vaccination appointment or learn more about Coast Community Health Center, visit the health center website CoastCommunityHealth.org.

Press release contributed by Coast Community Health Center.


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